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Multimedia Projects @ the big purple University

Five great years on staff as a lead multimedia designer for Grand Canyon University content dept, Designing and developing all of the on-campus and on-line course content Graphics & Media for all of the colleges at  Grand Canyon University,


This is a brief selection of samples from some of the larger projects and a few of my favorites.So many great projects from GCU to pick from but three of my favorites are:


"the Writing Process" with 70+ minuites of 2d animation over 3 years in development the largest project of its type for the university it was alot of very fun 2d animation and conceptual work and a few of the coolest fellow animators an designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


Next up "The gcu dance resource" directing this shoot and having the chance to also film the project that collaborated and conceptualized and developed with susanna kieta for 4 years it was Great tons of fun working with the dance instructors and students and my partner in crime Dan. "A truly epic video shoot" 5 days 5 cameras all wrapped up in a very slick media peice.


last but not least my personal favorite the sculpting video resouce a class that I also happen to enjoy teaching very much at GCU

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